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  • Look and feel - cosmetics and function

    I have modified the CSSs to make the banner image full width and to place the search button down on the right side of the nav panel. I've built a number of other banner images and am going to try and code so that different banners get used ...although I do really like the impact and visual simplicity of this Aresti Extra 300 image.

    The current background is a granular silver-grey.It's the default for the vBulletin program,but I like it.If I get to colour-scheme tweaking I will probably go for a similar flat mid-grey, perhaps with monotone lines and accents and maybe zinc-chromate panels (like the nav-panel above).

    Other tweaks I am working on:
    - Round avatars. Very minor cosmetic but I much prefer the look.
    - Additional tags in the 'postbit' section the left of your postings,the area that contains the avatar and some basic info.
    - A 'topic starter' flag.

    I looked at incorporating a google search,rather than the built-in search engine,but decided against that for now. Google is a much better search engine BUT cannot 'see'non-public areas of the forums.

    Does this relatively simple visual theme seem okay to you? Any important functionality or cosmetics that might be missing?

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    Cosmetic modifications made-
    Full-width banner image.
    Search window moved to navbar.
    Round avatars.
    Larger avatars.
    Breadcrumb borders.
    Main body drop shadow.
    Drop shadows for avatars.
    online icon 'glows'.
    Custom fields show in postbit area.
    mod to wrap long usernames more tidily in the postbit area.
    Containers expand when a module needs the extra space.
    Youtube-like video button.
    Reputation description shows under the reputation bars.
    tags 'cloud' globe presentation thingie.
    Nav boxes to top and bottom item in a topic page.
    'Topic starter' ribbon for postbit ... recoloured to zinc chromate.

    They're pretty much all commercial or semi-commercial mods,with some small tweaks.