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  • Welcome! Let's make this happen.

    Welcome to the new not-yet-finished, actually a helluva-long-way-from-being-finished, aeromed-list.

    For some time I've been looking at the idea of shifting the aeromed-list concept into the slightly different forums, or bulletin board, format. This is that thinking, finally brought to life ... but very much needing help, ideas, and nurturing. This is a temporary thread. I will remove it when the facility goes public. My hope for this thread is to get things setup as well as we can right from the start.
    My #1 priority is to again see the main forum, the aeromed-list, be as useful and accessible as in the heyday of the mailing list format. While this facility has the capability to host numerous sub-forums I want to be careful not to undermine the general accessibility of 'the list' by having folk only hanging out in specialty sub-forums.

    I see quite a lot of work ahead just familiarising myself with the design, coding, and administration of this sort of forum. I am also going to have to come to grips with forum moderation and user privileges pretty quickly ... and certainly before I bring any non-public sub-forums online.

    While it's not yet directly linked to this page I have also built an aeromedical wiki, in the hope of gathering together as much of our experience and knowledge base as I can. I have minimal wiki experience, so I am going to need folk who're willing and able to run this facility if it's gonna get off the ground.

    Let's test everything. Throw ideas around. Learn how to do stuff, and turn this into the best damn aeromed-list (as associated facilities) that we can.